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09. Travian 字典

Travian Dictionary for Starters


名稱 釋義
MB 村莊大樓
Wall 城牆/木牆/土牆
Mill 麵粉廠
Pal 皇宮
Res 行宮
Res/Pal Residence or Palace (when either can be used interchangably)
WW 世界奇觀


名稱 釋義
cat (or) cata (or) catapult 火焰投石機(羅馬), 拋石機 (高盧), 投石機 (條頓)
Clubs (or) Clubbies Maceman - 木棒兵
Druids Druidrider - 德魯伊騎
EC Equites Caesaris - 將軍騎士
EI Equites Imperatoris -  帝國騎士
Haeds Haeduan - 海頓聖騎
Leg Legionnaire - 退伍兵
Imp Imperian - 帝國 
Mace Maceman
Pal Paladin - 俠客
Swords Swordsman - 劍士
TK Teutonic Knight -條頓騎士
TT Theutates Thunder - 雷法師


名稱 釋義
24/7 24小時每天/7天每星期
Ally 聯盟
Bashing 通過連續不斷的攻擊使玩家不能發展
Bug 遊戲中的程序錯誤
Clear 在征服其他村莊的戰役中,清除對方防守兵力的部隊
Coords Coordinates
CP Culture Points
Def 防禦兵種
Exp 經驗
Fake 進行偽襲,迷惑對手
Farming Gaining res. / exp. by attacking a player repeatedly
Farm A player that is farmed
Farmer A player who farms other players
IGM 遊戲內的信息
Lag 在網絡傳輸的延遲現象
Loot Stolen resources
Lvl 等級
Multi 擁有多重個帳號的玩家(這是不被travian允許的)
NAP Non-Attack-Pact,不侵略契約
Off 攻擊兵種
Plus Plus-Account/Plus帳號
Pop Population
Pushing 單向運輸給某個玩家超過規則限定的資源數量
Res 資源
Sitting 代管


名稱 釋義
1337 leet/l33t ("Elite")
afaik As Far As I Know
afk Away From Keyboard
aka Also Known As
asap As Soon As Possible
Banning To deny access for someone for a certain period
brb Be Right Back
btw By The Way
c (or) d/c Disconnect
flame/flaming Posting messages that are deliberately hostile/insulting
gl Good Luck
IMO / IMHO In My (Humble) Opinion
IGN In-Game Name
IIRC If I Remember Correctly
irc Internet Relay Chat
kick To throw someone from a channel (chat)
lol Laugh Out Loud
Netiquette The conventions of politeness on most forums/chat rooms
newb A new player (generally with neutral connotations)
noob A stupid/foolish player
nub A stupid/foolish player (who has played for a long time)
np No Problem
pls/plz Please
PM Private Message
pwn To beat or be beaten by someone badly
(I)RL (In)Real Live
rofl Rolling On the Floor Laughing
RTFM Read The ing Manual
Spam/spamming Posting of unneeded messages
STFU Shut The Up
wb Welcome Back
wtf What The

Travian 管理團隊

名稱 釋義
Admin Travian遊戲主管
Mod Moderator
MH 遊戲管理員
S-Mod Super-Moderator
Supporters 回答問題及支援


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